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Delighted Piña Colada is a homemade Piña Colada. Made by a local and young entrepreneur. A few words from the founder of Delighted Curaçao Jose Englentina.

My company makes a fresh and original beverage. I started the business 3 years ago with my traditional & secret famous recipe that is the fresh home made Piñacolada.  The Piñacolada we know in our Caribbean-Curaçao culture and that we serve at every special occasion! Like a wedding, a birthday party or just being at the beach. But why wait for those special occasions to enjoy such a happiness made with my secret families touch. Why not put it in small bottles and sell them to the grocery stores, supermarkets and bars? So every person can easily enjoy it at any moment of the day. And after having that thought Delighted Curacao was officially born ! Currently our main product is Piñacolada but our fleet consist of 4 other flavors So we have 5 beverages in total.

At the moment over 115 stores sell our product. Before Covid we reached over a 150 locations on Curacao. And at the peak we were selling over 500 liters and over 1500 bottles of Piñacolada a week. We also over 255 liters and 750 bottles of punch every week. In our 1st year we had growth of 54% and in our 2nd year with 31%. At the moment we are producing less than before covid but the economy is growing back to normal so we are starting to grow back too! I know for sure we can improve what we did in numbers before Covid.

The reason I’m here today is because I want to win this competition and with the price, I can invest the money in the company here in Curacao. Also I want to to let the company grow and explore the best way to do this from Curacao to the Caribbean and later to the USA and Europe. So people across the world can experience fresh Piñacolada.

Perfecting the production and finding the right partners is what I focus on now. Because in numbers you can already see what I did the lst 3 years! My main reason is to do the production here and export the product to help and grow the economy of Curaçao!

My family business is as an inspiration just like the Bacardi & Heineken family business Delighted Piñacolada, you never tasted something like this.

Fresh Non-alcoholic drinks 

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